Having a lack of confidence in your life can become problematic in ways you do not see coming, especially at work. It affects your performance, mood, and the ability to do more. We could all use a little push and shove when it comes to boosting our confidence level, so here are a few ways to start building it up now at your work.

Positive Talks Only

Negative thinking can never get projects done; it only slows it down. Talk to yourself as if you are speaking to a friend or a family member when they are feeling down and need a boost. A little pep talk to yourself is HUGE and it can bring your mood up, which increases your productivity level at work. Try giving yourself reassuring words when you know you need it the most.

List and Check!

Create a list of tasks or certain goals you want to achieve by the end of the workday or week. This brings self-awareness where you know you have something to get done. By completing a goal and checking it off, it boosts your confidence level because it brings a feeling of accomplishment. You recognize your performance-progress and are left feeling satisfied.

Comfort Zone? Break It

We all have our own comfort zone and sometimes it is okay to break it. If you are usually quiet during meetings, try to think of something to contribute and speak up. Stepping out of what you do normally can be scary, but nonetheless rewarding. Each time you break your comfort zone, it leaves you with the knowledge that you CAN.

Mistakes Happen. Move On.

Find yourself missing a deadline? Panic mode is on, but now it is time to act. Contact your team member or whomever you were supposed to get it done for and see if you can both come to a solution. Once that is resolved, just move on. Beating yourself down for every mistake made does not accomplish anything—it only makes you feel worse. Instead, use that time to give yourself a motivating talk and crush it.

Find Your Group

Work is all about collaborating with others, but we do often find a particular group where we feel we belong more. Having a supportive, close-knit group that challenges you to do better increases your productivity because you become each other’s best cheerleaders. Stay away from drama and gossip, those can only cause trouble.

Having confidence in yourself at work and in life plays a significant role in growing as a person. Lack of it can make you feel horrible and that never creates any positive changes. You want to seek out ways to boost it in places like work where you probably need it the most.