Welcome to 2021! What a rollercoaster ride of a 2020, but we all made it so here we are. This new year gives you a chance to start changing a few of your habits, one concerning improving your productivity! So, use your time wisely and take some action. Here are a few ideas we have that can help you be more productive this year.

Set A Goal Each Day

I know what you are thinking, it sounds exhausting, but with motivation and effort it will become easier one day after another. By setting a goal each day, it trains you to become more proactive throughout your days. These do not necessarily have to be big goals, just realistic and achievable ones for you that you know you can accomplish at the end of the day.

Find Your Workspace

If you are working from home, there is nothing more important than finding the right environment. You want to place yourself in an area where it is quiet and non-distracting so you can get things done. You know your own home the best, so see what works for you by moving around—choose any place BUT your bed! If working from home sometimes get boring and you want a change of scenery, check out your nearest café and see if that works occasionally to feel more productive.

Download Apps That Keep You in Check

A few of the most popular productivity apps that keep you organized are Trello, Evernote, and Todoist. There are more to this list but these three are the best ones to keep you going. Trello is best for organizing your projects for work in an easy layout and you can share them with other people for work that requires collaboration. Evernote is an ideal option for notetaking and planning and Todoist is what you need for an easy and simple access for checking off your To-Do list.

Write and Cross Off Accomplishments

At the end of each day, write down any task you accomplished that you are proud of. By crossing them off, you start to feel more motivated to keep going for the next day. Nothing feels greater than getting something done that you have been meaning to accomplish.

Manage Your Inbox

We get a lot of emails to the point where we confuse the relevant ones to the irrelevant ones. You want to organize your emails by creating a folder titled “To-Do” if you have not already. Under this folder, you should have every email that requires your attention or focus related to work or whatever it is that is significant, and NO coupon expirations or urgent sales to your favorite stores do not categorize as “significant.” As tempting as they are!

Tune Yourself In

Maybe you are the type of person who focuses better when listening to music. I get it—the beat gets you moving. If this is the case, create a playlist of all your favorite songs that are not distracting, but help you stay focused and on track.

Each of us are motivated by our own way, you just need to find what works for you and what does not. Explore our options above or any other ones you can think of that you know will help you become more productive in this new year we are given.