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Sr. Cloud Machine Learning Engineer

Posted on October 27, 2021



Position Details


Job Summary

Beacon Technologies is looking to hire a Sr. Cloud Machine Learning Engineer. This role is remote based.

Job Description

This role is for someone who is ready to assist a hardworking research team by taking ideas through the stages of research to proof-of-concept to production. The vision of this group is to provide innovative enterprise solutions inspired by ML, AI & data science through state-of-the-art research & assimilation. The research approach combines the art of the possible, product design, enterprise collaboration, and the research community.

Engineers are responsible for leading the design and implementation of cloud infrastructure & architecture for deploying machine learning applications. They have a breadth of experience, an appetite to learn and a willingness to collaborate with a team of researchers. Other responsibilities include acting as a liaison between research teams and solution engineering teams, implementing software engineering/DevOps best-practices for machine learning pipelines, and staying up-to-date with the latest cloud architecture and deployment technologies.

Required Skills

  • Python application development.
  • Python environment management, package development and distribution tools.
  • Machine learning pipelines including data preprocessing, training, deployment, versioning and maintenance.
  • At least one cloud provider (AWS or GCP preferred.)
  • Cloud architecture principles (serverless implementations, containerization, elastic scalability.)
  • Terraform / infrastructure-as-code.
  • DevOps tool chains and processes, CI/CD principles.
  • At least one Python web framework (Flask, FastAPI, etc.)
  • At least one Python deep learning library (PyTorch, Tensorflow, etc.)

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