Front End Web Developer

Posted on May 2, 2022



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Job Summary

Familiar with client's components:

HTML, CSS, Material-UI, ReactJS, NextJS, Graph Query Language, Hasura, PostgreSQL, and a variety of AWS services including EC2, Elastic Container Service, Cognito, Cloudfront, Lamda, and Aurora
- Strong independent programming skills and trustworthy decision making based on best practices and past experiences.
- Ability to thrive in a fast moving and agile environment
- Ability to work well with our current development team, communicating asynchronously and often. This creates an agile, fast-paced team with fewer errors.

Role Description: Client is seeking to engage with a hard working, adventure-ready Web Developer to assist us in our work on this SaaS platform! You’ll report to the CTO. You can expect to encounter challenges around every corner as you assist the development team in creating and expanding innovative, one of a kind software.

- Critical Thinker: - Being a small development team and reporting directly to the executive level, we are looking for someone who can think through the implications of their decisions and implementations. Learning how the product works and how your code fits into the full user experience will allow you to code for the project and not just to a spec.
- Energized by Challenges: - You’ll be challenged to think through different solutions to a problem or desired result. With a focus on reliability and scalability, Client's developers often define new conventions tailored to our product. We are interested in joining forces with someone who enjoys these challenges and thrives when under pressure.
- Interested in the Unknown - Working in a startup environment brings many challenges and opportunities. Do not expect the steady and straight roadmap of a Fortune 500 company; each day brings something new in our world, and we want to work with someone who will enjoy the winding road with us.
- Accountable - We are looking for someone who can be assigned tasks and follow through. We believe that with everyone working throughout the application, there is a better understanding of how pieces fit together. That being said, you'll be expected to be able to complete assignments to a level that can be integrated immediately and have the completeness and accuracy to maintain stability in the ecosystem.
- Proud - This is very much a moving project that has been built with a lot of hard work and dedication. We want our next partner to want to share in the responsibility and pride for the project and care for the solution instead of just completing a set of requirements. You’ll be involved in the infrastructure and building of software that is meant to scale and be used.

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