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Data Quality Engineer

Posted on December 17, 2020


Remote or Appleton, WI

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Job Summary


The Data Quality Engineer will be a data truth and confidence lead while managing Data Governance tool sets. This role synthesizes complex data sets into clear, concise, and compelling insights. The work output inspires action through powerfully engaging narratives and dashboards that drives confidence that our data is fit for purpose.

The position will focus on enabling the client's data asset quality, ensuring adherence to the Data Governance frameworks, data policies, standards and practices by bringing data trust to the forefront. The successful applicant will manage best-in-class data governance, technologies and operations for the client, delivering exceptional data driven solutions.

The Data Quality Engineer will ensure data quality is visible, simple and actionable to our teams while leveraging a quality repository of reusable policies, standards and rule scripts. These scripts will be applied to data at creation, at-rest and in-motion, throughout data's lifecycle. Data Enablement (Governance) tools will be deployed and managed by this successful applicant in a federated model, responsible for configuration, integrations and ease of use for our data customers. Additionally, supporting the demands and requirements of the Data Enablement (Governance) team, the successful applicant is a part of the Data and Analytics (DnA) Department.


  • Raise data quality and data performance levels
  • Deploy and manage the Data Governance tool sets; Data Quality, Metadata, others.
  • Integrate Data Governance tools with the client's systems
  • Create/maintain a repository and reuse of data quality code rules
  • Create/maintain a "Data Trust" visualization and dashboards environment
  • Work as an expert in data profile and quality assessment tools/coding for:
    • Ad-hoc, scheduled and entry into workflows
    • All Data Domains / Business Units
    • Applied at data: creation, at rest and in-motion
    • On-prem, combination, cloud and 3PL
  • Perform data analysis of key problem areas to assist in the root cause analysis
  • Provide metrics on value across this role
  • Provide a high level of data quality awareness across multiple staff profiles e.g. Leaders, managers, front-line staff etc.
  • Stay abreast of technology trends, create proof of concepts as needed, and lead adoption of new technologies as appropriate


  • Bachelor's or master's degree in quantitatively oriented disciplines, including STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), economics, business, etc.
  • 5+ years of experience with Data Quality, Data Governance, Master Data Management practices, or business and technology issues related to the management of enterprise data assets
  • 5+ years of experience owning and deploying data solutions
  • Ability to translate business data rules into data quality solutions, actions and trust in data
  • Ability to mentor, coach, train, and develop junior data analysts, and to proactively expand knowledge of USV team members
  • Preferred qualifications and experience: A recognized data quality certification e.g. CDMP - Data Quality, IQCP, CIMP, ISO 8000, presenting Data Quality at a major industry conference
  • Ability to create system and data quality documentation, standards and procedures
  • Be a great data storyteller
  • Self-motivated; ability to work in a development group and with cross-functional teams in-person or remote
  • Experience with agile SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) such as SCRUM