Life can get crazy, and work can get crazy…but both working together to create the ultimate chaos of stress?! No, thank you. We all deal with it, but where and how people find this “balance” between the two, is the real question. Luckily, we know a few things about this topic and here is what we know that works.

Make Time for Hobbies

Finding time for your favorite hobbies is important because you distract your brain from work-mode. If you don’t have a hobby, think of what you enjoy doing and then find time for it. Participating in activities you love refreshes your mind and has proven to be beneficial for your mental health and wellbeing. Our jobs shouldn’t take up our free time, so it’s better to fill that space you do have for something more fun.

Stop Overworking

This advice applies to some, but not all professions: most of you are guilty of working after hours until the day gets dark—that’s not how it should be. If anything, that is one of the unhealthiest habits you could have. Sure, this might be permissible for small moments where a huge, time-sensitive project must be done, but on a regular workday? No. You have your own life too and have things to take care of that need your attention just as much.

Procrastination Is the Devil

When the clock strikes for you to work, drop all things, and get busy. If you find yourself slacking and maybe scrolling on your social medias for a little too long, remind yourself none of those projects are going to get done if you continue at the pace, you are at right now. The longer you stay in lazy mode during work hours, the longer will be the time making it up later in the night and who wants that? That’s supposed to be your free time! Don’t ruin it.

Quality Family Time

If you notice you don’t spend time with your family as much as you’d like to, that is a good enough sign that your work-life balance needs major change. Finding time to devote to your family is crucial and impactful, for everyone. Work gets the best of us where sometimes, we get it, you want alone time and that is fine. Just make sure you also give time for your family and spend those quality times together.

Unplug and Recharge

If work emails start flying in during afterhours and you know you are off the clock, it may be best for you to unplug for a bit. This is most helpful during times when you are stressed to the max after a long workday and your anxiety starts kicking in. You want to prioritize your mental health and do what is beneficial for you and silent notifications the rest of the day—it’s your time anyways. Do what you need to do for yourself to finish the rest of the day and recharge. You will feel much better and more motivated for work the next day.

Everyone has their own method of balancing work and life. Finding solutions is important so you can start being that better and healthier version of yourself in both environments. In the end, only you know what works for you!