If having excessive worries and out-of-control thoughts are common for you, it is time we talk about anxiety. Also, do not worry because everyone experiences this one way or another. Some people experience mild anxiety and others experience episodes that are far more severe, having it become a daily occurrence in their life. Anxiety impacts us both mentally and physically, so it is important to find ways to relieve it to prevent it from getting the best of you. Next time you experience yourself with a rapid heartbeat and sweaty palms, here are helpful ways to manage it when it strikes you next.

Take Deep Breaths

Sure, this one is cheesy, but it does help! We all know that by taking deep breaths, your heart rate will be able to slow down, making it easier for you to feel calmer. At the same time, your body sends a message to your brain to simply “relax” and allows you to think more clearly.

Take Notes

If you are someone who needs to write something down for it to stick in your mind, then this will be helpful. When anxiety kicks in, take note and list down what caused it. Figuring out the causes of your anxieties can help you either a) avoid the same situation next time or b) help you be better prepared if it is something unavoidable. Being aware of its triggers is always good to know.

Seeking Therapy

Seeing a therapist is normalized more than ever now and there is nothing to be ashamed or afraid of when seeking professional help. Talking to a therapist is good for both your anxiety and overall mental health because you are digging deep into it. A therapist helps you gain self-awareness of your anxiety’s origin and triggers, which is something you want to figure out if you struggle to find this on your own.

Support Groups

If you feel as if you are alone on this, joining a support group might help. Here, you will get to meet other people who are also going through the same thing and you find ways to manage anxiety, together. Being around those who are in the same boat as you will also give you comfort and familiarity because you all share a common journey.

There is no way to eliminate anxiety, but it is better to find ways to relieve it rather than letting it take control of your life. Try these helpful ways and see what works for you. If none of them work, seek out other methods because everyone works differently. You are not alone.