Hiring myths can make or break you because it is confusing to distinguish which ones are true and which are not. You want to be able to determine what is false, so you do not miss anything important! Here are just a few hiring myths that we discuss with candidates a lot and it is about time we address them.

They Are Not Going to Check Your References

They most definitely will. Employers want to know who they are about to take in before committing to any job placement for someone. A background check on a person’s work habits and personality in a working environment plays a huge role, and they want to ensure that this person is someone they want to add to their team. Make sure you have good, solid connections with your boss and coworkers so they can become great references for you.

They Rejected Me Once, They Will Reject Me Again

Here is the situation: you apply at your dream company, but then shortly after receiving the unpleasant rejection email. All hope is lost for working at this company because now you are forever let down. Having this mindset will only hurt you, not help you. Chances are that they were looking for someone with more experience or maybe you were the right fit, but they found someone who had a little more to provide. Do not let that stop you from applying there again! Give it a few months or maybe even a year before shooting another shot, whenever you feel ready or if that same position you applied for is open again. Who knows, maybe they have a different hiring manager this time?

Emailing “Thank You” Does Not Matter

If you get rejected for the role you applied for, it is still always a good idea to email them saying “thank you.” Thanking them for their time and consideration of your application is a polite way to end the communication. Not that it is bad to not respond to a rejection email, but they just might remember you better if you do end up thanking them anyways. In your “thank you” email, you may also want to include how if they ever have future openings for the role that you would love to be contacted.

They Want Someone More Qualified

This can bring a job seeker down a lot, especially if you are a young job seeker. The good news is that this is not always the case. Yes, employers do want to hire someone who can bring everything to the table that meets their rock-solid requirements, but personality also matters. If your personality is positive and you embrace great communication skills pre-interview and during the interview, that is a trait that is highly attractive to most that may end up landing you the right gig. Practice your people and communication skills if you feel like it needs work because it just might help you.

A “Job Hopper” Is a Bad Look

If you are someone who frequently hops from one job to another, you may appear as a risky hire only because, well…what is stopping you from hopping away from this job you are applying for? Although sometimes this is not always a good look, it can also mean that you are trying to find the right fit for you, and that is okay. This is more commonly acceptable for the younger crowd, but if you are older, it may appear a bit skeptical, but not to the extent where all employers would view it as something bad. There is a right fit for everyone out there and you just need to fight for it.

Tackling down untrue hiring myths is a priority. If it has not been the case for you, it is now! Landing a job is so important and you do not want to miss out on anything you did NOT do, because you had believed a myth. Let us help you with your search and reach out to our team today at https://www.beacontechinc.com/contact-us/.