Systems Engineering Lead (Java)

Posted on July 10, 2019


Madison, WI

Position Details


Job Summary

If you are seeking for employment and have experience in systems engineering then we are looking for YOU!

Our most trusted client company is searching for a Systems Engineering Lead (Java) to join their team in Madison, WI.

Under this role, responsibilities are:

  • Provide design/architecture, technical analysis, development and implementation of various tasks that utilize our low-code framework related to our mobile app initiatives plus the support of our integration methodologies that utilize reusable APIs (application program interface) along with REST (Representational State Transfer) services/Microservices.
  • Use programming skills to develop reusable code extensions.
  • Support other developers on the team, enabling them the team to build and deliver business solutions even faster by extending the native features of the platform itself with code. 
  • Assist other integration and low-code developers when appropriate along with performing data analysis, design, development, testing and implementation for task assignments using key standards of NIEM (National Information Exchange Model) and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) along with integrating development processes related to DevOps (Development and Operations).
  • Provide continuous integration and continuous delivery of Java / API (application program interface) based solutions with extensive and performance testing for all rapid application development and integration processes that include both data sharing and application interfaces.

To see if you are qualified we are looking for the experiences below!

  • Ability to create a shared understanding in a team environment (5 years)
  • Strong technical knowledge of how web-based technologies apply to web design (5 years)
  • Good organizational skills and attention to detail (5 years)
  • Strong communication skills in both a technical and functional arenas (5 years)
  • Skill in writing SQL queries, including a procedural extension to SQL (e.g. T-SQL, PL/SQL) (5 years)
  • Maven (3 years)
  • Knowledge of Oracle database management systems principles, techniques and capabilities (3 years)
  • Knowledge of SQL based database management systems (i.e. SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, etc.) (5 years)
  • SQL Server Management Studio (5 years)
  • Structured analysis and design of web and client-server applications for both transactional and batch (5 years)
  • Java (5 years)
  • Java JDK 1.x (5 years)
  • JavaScript based responsive HTML 5 applications (5 years)
  • Web Environment - W2K web/applications servers, C#, DB2 Connect, SQL Server, ASP.Net MVC, JavaScript (5 years)
  • Experience with Oracle PL/SQL (3 years)
  • Agile Project Management using Jira (5 years)
  • Scrum Team Member (3 years)
  • Problem Solving - Worked in a Team Environment to Resolve System Problems using an Automated Problem (5 years)
  • Java Script, HTML, and AJAX (5 years)
  • Automated Testing and Continuous Integration (5 years)
  • Relational Database 
  • JavaScript based responsive HTML5 applications (5 years)

If everything here sounds like you then we would love to have you apply! Submit your resume now