Geospatial Information Technician Senior

Posted on February 12, 2020


Madison, WI

Position Details


Job Summary

Beacon Technologies is searching for a Geospatial Information Technician Sr. to work in Madison, WI

Job Description

This person will be responsible for GIS spatial layer development, analysis, quality assurance and mapping for the Office of Emerging Contaminants as well as other environmental GIS projects. This is perfect for someone who as had past experience as a GIS technician, spatial analyst and developer of web maps and data visualizations.

This position needs to gather, verify and coordinate data across company programs as well as other agencies to be used for spatial analysis and data sciences, field operations, and mapping and data visualizations. This position will perform spatial analysis using ArcGIS Desktop and online tools and agile project management techniques, working with a division-wide GIS team. This position will also be responsible for creating both mapping applications for internal decision support as well as some data visualizations and story maps for the public.

Other job responsibilities:

  • Working with Geographic Information System (GIS) related tools and data components to complete project work.
  • Performs functional production tasks such as data editing, cartographic production, quality control checking.
  • Performs routine cartographic design and map production assignments using GIS software modules.
  • Assembles subsets of data into databases for integration and analysis.
  • Conducts data processing and map transformation routines.
  • Designs and prepares maps for program user projects.
  • Creates and uses GIS automated programs for use in spatial data processing and analysis.
  • Prepares and documents automated programs to process and analyze spatial and tabular database information.
  • Develops menu-driven user interface tools for data access and query.
  • Assist analysts and other staff developing data, processing algorithms, and preparing map transformations.
  • Works with technical production staff and program users to define and develop GIS applications and data.

Qualifications - Senior GIS Technicians will possess advanced GIS technical skills and capabilities with four or more years of relevant technician level experience. Must rely on experience and judgement to plan and accomplish goals, independently performs a variety of complicated tasks an advanced level of creativity and problem-solving is expected!

Other requirements:

  • Able to work independently (9 years)
  • Excellent communication skills (5 years)
  • Good organizational skills and attention to detail (9 years)
  • ARC GIS Desktop development using .NET (9 years)
  • ArcGIS—online (7 years)
  • ArcGIS—StoryMaps (7 years)
  • Creating, editing, and maintaining spatial data layers (9 years)
  • Joining business data to spatial data layers (9 years)
  • Analyze requirements, architect solutions, implement and test final technical solutions (9 years)
  • GIS Web Mapping
  • GIS Web Services
  • Design user interfaces and subsystems (7 years)
  • Optimize design for maintainability (7 years)
  • Experience designing/architecting GIS web mapping applications (9 years)

Skills that are nice to have but not required are:

  • ArcGIS – Collector (5 years)
  • ArcGIS—Insights (5 years)
  • ArcGIS—Survey 123 (5 years)
  • Geocortex—Essentials (5 years)
  • Geocortex—Mobile (1 year)
  • Geocortex—Workflow (3 years)
  • ArcGIS API for JavaScript—experience designing/building GIS web applications using ESRI’s JavaScript (5 years)
  • Spatial Database Engine (SDE) (5 years)

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